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Best LED grow Lights of 2016

on August 12, 2016

The top LED grow lights for growing indoor plants 


Image: Cirrus LED Titan 5 LED Grow Light

Updated August 12, 2016

LED Grow Lights Depot has composed a list of the best LED lights of 2016 for growing indoor plants. This list is made up of newer technology and older technology. LED technology has changed over the past several years however, we have included these "older" lights, because they have been proven many times over by growers. These "older" lights includeMars Hydro.

The newer LEDs include Cirrus LED Systems andStarLite LED. These brands feature chip-on-board (COB) arrays and are the next phase of LED technology after single high-output diodes. Some of these COB arrays can harness 2400 LED watts - and that is actual power draw!

These newer lights, such as Cirrus LED, Lifted LED, and Kind LED feature spectrum control, dimming, timers, and customizable settings.Cirrus LED, andLifted LED allow you to control the lights via a smart phone app. This is the direction that LED lights are going and we can't wait to see what some of these companies will come up with next.

While there are several other LEDs on the market, and more being added almost every week. We have not included them here at this time. If you know of an LED grow light that you believe should be on this list, let us know in the comments below and we will consider adding the product to the list or on the 2017 list.

Note: Lights are in no specific order

by Belinda Clinton on August 02, 2017

WOW, so many LED grow light there
I didn’t know them before I came this web.
I only tried meizhi LED grow light, bought from ebay:
So far so good, perfect light spectrum, more blue and red light, suitable for all growing stages. less heat. very great.

by Ryan on March 23, 2017

The black diamond perfect sun dwarf star is available for sale on their main website, do you know when u will be carrying it again?

by Deacs on January 09, 2017

Spectrum King 400W+?

by K Elder on September 01, 2016

Best light for small personal grows of CANNIBAS is ?

by Josh Field on August 25, 2016

I used this comparison website which includes up-to-date 2016 information : ledplantlights.com

by Darwin Crew on August 04, 2016

With the improvements in the new lighting technology available in 2016 it probably makes sense to upgrade your outdated inefficient lights from yesteryear.

by Sverrir on July 24, 2016

I have been using vividgro for 4 months first i wansnt so impressed but the second harvest was way better and Im really impressed…….lsgc vividgro rocks!!!

by alex on July 05, 2016

amare beats all that leds easily w for watt par pr watt,par pr dollar and their Spectrum is researched for cannabis only for years by a grower so hopefully People notice they now have amare here too after this list was made.update

by michael smith on July 01, 2016

you telling me that kind and platinum is better than amare tech alright then bye

by mark on June 29, 2016

the k5 is not “as advertised” when it comes to light footprint and they don’t claim to use brand name cree, epistar, or bridgelux… they don’t say who makes their LEDs

by diskokobaja on June 21, 2016

You loose all credit when you put those lying cheating kind bastards on first place…

by sheetal borkar on February 01, 2016

The LED grow light market is expected to rise to more than £1.48 Billion by 2020, growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 26.93% between 2015 and 2020.