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Crecer Lighting PanthrX LED Grow Light Unboxing, Review, and PAR Testing

on September 21, 2018


PanthrX Overview 

The PanthrX LED grow light by Crecer Lighting measures 30.5” x 20.3” x 5.5” and weighs 26.5 lbs. There are four 150W LED strips with lenses that extend across the unit. Each strip is backed by a passively-cooled aluminum heatsink. Two Mean Well HLG-320H-48A drivers power the fixture. The drivers and part of the heatsinks are encased in a white housing. Each driver contains dimming leads if you choose to hook up potentiometers. Each lead is capable of dimming 2 strips - so half of the fixture.


The PanthrX has a wide form factor which allows the light to spread out fairly evenly over its suggested footprint, compared to many other LED grow lights on the market.

The unit contains a hardwired 120V 3-prong power cord.

The PanthrX is ETL certified, CE certified, IP40 waterproof and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is designed to replace a 1000W HID grow light for indoor or greenhouse grows.



Each of the four LED strips contain four rows of white Cree diodes, with one strip containing some red Osram diodes.

The diodes are covered by lenses which focus the light down in a 90° pattern.

Each strip is bordered by reflectors, also assisting to concentrate the light in a 90° angle.

The lifespan of the diodes is 54,000 hours until they reach 70% of their original intensity.

The PAR efficacy of the unit is reported at 2.1 umol/j with the lenses off. Expect about 2.0 umol/j with the lenses installed.

The PPF is reported at 1302 umol/s.

The efficacy and light output were tested by an independent light laboratory.



The PanthrX is rated for 110V to 277V AC. The fixture draws about 620 watts at the wall and 5.6A at 120V, and around 2.8 A at 240V at full intensity.


Coverage Area And Hanging Height

The coverage area for this fixture is a 4’ x 4’ area (or up to a 5' x 5' area) for flowering. The hanging distance varies depending on the growth phase and intensity that you want to deliver to your plants. Based off of the PAR readings, I would not hang this light closer than 24” to your plants, otherwise, you may risk burning them. 36” is recommended if you want to deliver a more even footprint and slightly lower intensity to your plants. Expect up to an 8' x 8' area for veg.



The PanthrX is a full-spectrum white light with IR with enhanced red. Based off of the spectrum, these appear to be about 3500K white light diodes. The red diodes have their peak at around 640nm. 

This spectrum will grow your plants from seed to flower and since there is enhanced red in this spectrum, it will do very well during the flowering stage.



Here are the PAR readings from Crecer Lighting:



The MSRP on the PanthrX is currently £772.50. The lights ship from California, USA.



In summary, I think the PanthrX is a great LED grow light for a 4' x 4' or 5' x 5' tent, larger home grow, or a commercial grow. The spectrum is ideal for flower, but will work great for Veg, as well. It is priced competitively, considering the high light output and 5-year warranty. The Mean Well drivers and Cree and Osram diodes also make this a high quality fixture. The dimming pigtails are a plus too which helps you save energy during veg.

If you want to learn more or purchase the PanthrX, visit the product page here: 


Stay green!

by IRIS K IGLEHART on October 08, 2018


by Russell Smart on October 07, 2018

I could really use a new light to start growing again thank you for the opportunity to win this light . If I win I could grow my meds

by Tbake on October 07, 2018

Great looking Light definitely need this for my new grow tent

by Brandon Gilbert on October 06, 2018

I’ve bought a smaller light from you guys and it’s awesome!!! I’m buying 3-4 lights this size months next couple of months would be awesome to win one to test out before I buy the others!!! 😁

by Brandon Gilbert on October 06, 2018

I’ve bought a smaller light from you guys and it’s awesome!!! I’m buying 3-4 lights this size months next couple of months would be awesome to win one to test out before I buy the others!!! 😁

by Doug Mortensen on October 03, 2018

That looks like a awesome light

by brian gilbert on September 30, 2018

Would be great to win this , need to grow for cancer , and other health problems , all the best for everyone entering this

by Trev Dawse on September 27, 2018

Nice light love to own this.

by michael carlson on September 24, 2018

Hello folk’s I hope a person that needs this light , well like most of us wins :)

by Linda Bufford on September 24, 2018

Looks better than my blurple galaxyhydro,
Looks like s very good light,

by Jose Ortiz Maldonado on September 24, 2018

Looking forward to buy Crecer Lighting Panthrx products and to tell my friends about them

by Mike Gonthier on September 24, 2018

Looks great the bew wide band technology is great i saw it with the electric sky first and it is the best kind of technology out there! Killer revew!

by Dave De Gale on September 22, 2018

Love the news technology coming thru and makes it easier to produce yeilds.