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Scynce LED Dragon XL600 Grow Light Unboxing, Review, and PAR Testing

on September 24, 2018


Scynce LED Dragon XL600 Overview

The Scynce LED Dragon XL600 is part of the Dragon Series which includes the LP250 Veg, XL600, and XL1200. The LP250 is a veg light built for racking systems, while the XL600 and XL1200 are meant for indoor grow rooms or greenhouses. All of the lights can be used in smaller indoor grows such as grow tents.

What makes the Dragon series unique compared to other LED grow lights?

  • These are smart LED grow lights - the spectrum, intensity, and scheduling are all controllable via a wireless app.
  • These fixtures contain unique lenses to disperse the light in an even light pattern over the canopy. 

The XL600 measures 26.5” x 7” x 5” and it weighs 22 lbs. The fixture is elongated and contains a set of PCBs, side by side. The PCBs are covered with special optics. Behind the PCBs, and inside of the sturdy, white, waterproof housing, is a thick aluminum heatsink. A fan, which sits on top of the fixture, draws air into the housing, over the heatsink, and out the other side. The ends of the fixture contain several holes for hanging the fixture depending on which angle you want the fixture to sit at. The unit contains a 120V 3-prong power cord.

The spectrum, intensity, and scheduling of up to 250 fixtures can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection on an Android or iOS app.

The Dragon XL600 is designed to replace a 1000W HID grow light for indoor or greenhouse grows.


There are 96 high powered diodes across the fixture, made up of four independently controlled channels:

  • Warm white (2700K)
  • Neutral white (4000K)
  • Cool white (6500K)
  • 660nm red

The diodes are covered by Scynce LEDs patented lenses. The lenses are available in 120° or 70°. The 120° is best for indoor applications where the lights need to be mounted 6” to 36” above the canopy. This covers just about all grow rooms and grow tents. The 70° option is best for greenhouses and taller grow rooms with clearances of 4 to 14’ above the canopy.

    The PAR efficacy of the unit is reported at 1.2 to 3.8 µmol/j, depending on the spectrum.

    The PPF is reported at 851 umol/s.

    While not the highest efficacy at a full spectrum, or the highest light output, Scynce LED is not playing the efficacy game. They are focusing on optics to create a more uniform light footprint. Instead of all the light being concentrated in the middle of the footprint - directly underneath the fixture - the intensity is just slightly lower under the fixture and higher as you move toward the edges. This is important, as the optics allow the light energy to be equally dispersed over the canopy, eliminating low PPFD readings in the corners and edges and allow the light to penetrate into the canopy.

    When many of these lights are used together, such as in a larger grow room, the light footprints overlap in a unique way, with high-intensity light coming from multiple angles to any particular spot across the canopy. The unique lens pattern also causes the light hold its intensity throughout the canopy down to the base of the plants.

    We have a few videos posted on the product page that go a little more in-depth on how Scynce’s optics function.



    The XL600 is rated for 110V to 277V AC. The fixture draws about 625 watts at the wall and 5.3A at 120V, and around 2.6A at 240V at full intensity. The unit will draw varying amounts of power depending on the intensity and spectrum.


    Coverage Area And Hanging Height

    The footprint for this light is a 4’ x 4’ area for a full-cycle tent grow. The hanging distance varies depending on the growth phase and intensity that you want to deliver to your plants. Typical hanging heights are 36”, 24”, 18” and 15”.

    In a larger grow space, such as in a commercial grow, you should request a light plot to determine the hanging height and number of fixtures required to cover your plants.


    The Dragon XL600 is a full-spectrum white light at full power. There is a medium-sized peak in blue, a good amount of green light, and a large peak in 660nm red.

    The four separate color channels can be controlled independently, which allows you to customize your own spectrum.

    With the scheduling option, you can program your own spectrums and intensities throughout an entire 24-hour period and create your own light recipes. The app allows you to ramp up or down the intensities for a sunrise/sunset effect.



    4'x4' tent at 15" above the canopy

     Notice the amazing uniformity!


    Warranty and Certifications

    In the rare case that you have a problem with your fixture, the Dragon XL600 fixture comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The fixture is assembled in the Arizona, United States.

    The Dragon series is UL, FCC, CE, RoHS, and CSA approved. This basically means it is considered electrically safe and can be used in commercial grows in North America and Europe.



    The MSRP on the XL600 is £1,135.11. At the time of this review, it is listed at £983.26 with an automatic 10% off. Pricing may vary in the future.


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