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Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K  - LED Grow Lights Depot
Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K  - LED Grow Lights Depot
Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K  - LED Grow Lights Depot
Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K  - LED Grow Lights Depot
Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K  - LED Grow Lights Depot
Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K  - LED Grow Lights Depot

Optic LED Phantom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light (Gen6) 104W 3500K

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The Phantom 1XL delivers the latest in high-end LED tech. The commercial-grade fanless Mean Well 100-watt dimmable driver not only gives you reliability and efficiency, but full control of your light intensity with dimmability between 10-100%.

The overbuilt Optic XL anodized black, pin heatsink ensures the lowest running temperatures for low BTU output, maximum light production, and the longest lifespan.

The integration of 8 CREE XPE Deep Reds & 4 CREE XPE Royal Blue LEDs enhances the 3500K full-spectrum white light base, giving you a spectrum that your canopy can absorb easily, even at higher intensities. 

The Phantom 1XL Dimmable features the latest and most efficient Samsung white light LED tech in the marketplace today - the LM301H top-bin array. What can Phantom Tech do for your garden?


Phantom 1XL Dimmable Components

LED: 372 Total LEDs

   White LEDs: 360 x Top Bin Samsung LM301H   

   Bloom Enhancers:8 x CREE XPE Deep Reds4 x CREE XPE Royal Blue LEDs



Lens: Optional 120-degree wide beam acrylic lens



Driver: Meanwell Dimmable HBG Series



Thermal management: Passive cooling from an overbuilt anodized black pin heat sink (no fans) 






Phantom 1XL in 2x2 area (NO LENS) tested with Apogee MQ-500 meter

8" Hanging Height PPFD: 803

803.31 PPFD x 0.36 m2 (2x2 area) = 289.19

289.19 / 104 watts = 2.78 PAR Efficacy



12" Hanging Height PPFD: 627


18" Hanging Height PPFD: 483






Actual Power Draw: 100 watts

Spectrum: Full Spectrum White Light + 660nm Deep RED + 450nm Royal Blue

Coverage area (flower):

1 Unit                                               

2' x 2' area (.6m x .6m)                      

Max 2.5' x 2.5' (.75m x .75m)             

4 Units                                   2 Units

4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m) 2' x 4' area (.6m x .1.2m)

Max 5' x 5' (.75m x .75m) 3' x 3' area (.9m x .9m)

Coverage area (Veg) for 1 unit: 

  • 2' x 2' area @ 18"
  • 3' x 3' area @ 24"

Hanging Height:

  • Flower: 8"-18"
  • Veg: 18" -24"
  • Seedlings: 24-30" (Dimmed Down @ 50%)

       Pro Tips: Wk1-3 @18" - Wk4-6 @14" - Wk7-10 @8"-9"

PAR efficacy: 2.78 umol/j

Average PPFD in 2x2 area: 803 umol/m2/s

Lifetime: 100,000 hours  

Driver: Meanwell

Cables: 6-foot attached power cord

Plug: USA, Canada, EU, Commercial, Industrial etc.

(We automatically ship the correct cord for your country)

Dimming: Yes, down to 10% intensity (dimmer included)

Hanger: Comes with adjustable rope ratchet & large carabiner.

Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 8"

Weight: 8 lbs

Recommended for:

  • Closet Grows
  • Cabinet Grows & Grow Tents
  • Supplemental Coverage

Warranty: 10 Years full warranty - Lifetime warranty on Meanwell Driver 

Grams per watt: Up to 2.25 g/w

Yield: Up to 225 grams / 7.14 ounces

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping to 60 countries & usually ship within 1-2 business days 

  • Taxes & duties may be required on international shipments. 
  • The shipment value is typically marked at £75.93 so you will pay less for duties/import taxes.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great light

Amazing light, plants are loving it

Phantom XL 1

I first would like to say about this light. It is a Great light and deserves to have five stars. However today is an operation the potentiometer goes. And this is where I have a problem. Instead of getting a satisfaction exchange I got a warranty exchange for the light. Now with optic, the companies warranty*** not grow light depot's warranty. Which grow light Depot does not offer a warranty. I was forced to use my ONE TIME EXCHANGE. should have never been a warranty exchange it should have been a satisfaction guarantee exchange first 90 days of satisfaction should have been what I should have received. However grow light Depot had initiated my warranty with optic the company for my warranty exchange. I believe that it is completely unfair in a very unsatisfied with grow light Depot due to the fact of they are just a little man. I could have gotten the same deal from the manufacturer it would have had a satisfaction guarantee exchange instead of a warranty exchange. So anyone who is going to purchase from grow light Depot make sure you keep this in mind before you purchase anything from grow light Depot.

The Optic Phantom 1 Gen 6

It has good and less than good qualities. The diodes give it bragging rights. All the latest greatest from 35k,5k and may have gone 6k all Samsung 301 series bin, the red's are the highest quality and no exception with blues either. It's way over constructed and that's a positive also. So much high end, best of the best went into this creation that the use of the cooling pins on the fixture are hardly necessary. This light, at full capacity doesn't create heat. It's perfect for someone with heat issues do to their small grow space or external environment being very hot like an attic of if yourxrunning a lot of equipment in your grow area like dehumidifiers and a/c's exhaust byproduct these won't add to your heat issues. And can be touched anywhere and feel room temperature. There is no light heat to have to deal with and will probably run for 2x or 3x the warranty since heat is the main reason for diode failure. Now for the less favorable news. All just my opinion since I've owned 2 and preordered them to be the first a direct shipment from manufacture overseas, ship and my door step. This is the most confusing thing done. Unlike ALL the other Phantom LED's they sell, all come with 90° acrylic lens/cover at no extra cost. Pay £7.59 to get a lens/ cover. But each diode has it's own 120° lens but no protection. I paid for the big acrylic lens/cover and thought it would now come with 2 lens/covers. Every other Phantom comes with a 90° acrylic lens and I opted to want the dispersion of a 120°. When you open the box there will be no other acrylic lens covers but the one that's on it and you'll think they forgot to give it to you.but no. This Phabtom Gen 6 doesn't come with a acrylic cover unless you pay for it. I don't understand why they don't absorb that minimal cost that's a lot less than £7.59 and give you thus plastic @£181.47 on sale. Bad decision. Leaves impression what will they nickle and dime us next?