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Optic LED Grow Lights For Sale

Optic LED Optic 4 XL Dimmable LED Grow Light 460w (UV/IR) 3500K COBs


Optic LED Optic 6 Gen3 COB Grow Light 605W UV/IR


Optic LED Optic 4 Gen3 COB Grow Light 405W UV/IR


Optic LED Optic 300 VEG Dimmable LED Grow Light 300w 5000K


Optic LED FAR Red Bloom Enhancer Array 120w - Dimmable (UV/IR)


Optic LED X4 COB Array 216w - 336w (UV/IR) 3500k COBs


Optic LED XL2 COB Array 200w - 320w (UV/IR) 3500k COBs