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LED Grow Light Performance Testing by 3rd Party Grower

Your company's fixture will be sent to a vetted 3rd party grower who will grow with your light and provideweekly photos and/or video of the grow. A final weight will be determined after drying the product. The photos/video will be compiled into ashort article/blog at the end of harvest. A ~1-minute video will highlight the grow and harvest. The video will be released on ourYouTube channel and announced on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram).

You provide the fixture for the grower. The grower keeps the fixture at the end of the grow.

Since all fixtures a different, we are willing to work with you regarding the details of the grow. Do you want the grower to use more than one light? No problem! Full-cycle or flowering only? You choose. Tent or grow room? Let us know. You set the conditions to allow your fixture to perform as intended.

Advantages of performance testing: real-world testing by a 3rd party; the data informs customers about the fixture’s potential and expected results; the results are published on YouTube and shared on social media channels; increase sales.

Price: £559.26 (+ LED grow light for testing)


LED Grow Light Unboxing and Review Video

A fixture is sent to us for an LED grow light unboxing, review, and PAR testing. See previous review examples:


The review is published on our YouTube channel and shared on oursocial media channels (FacebookInstagram).

After the review, we can send the light back (you pay for return shipping) or we can use it in a giveaway (see details of giveaway below) for an extra £37.71. 

Advantages of an LED unboxing and review: allows customers to see how light is packaged and what is included; provides a more in-depth look at the fixture; specification overview; 3rd-party PPFD testing; increase sales.

Price: £398.78



Brand or Product Video Introduction

We will compile a ~1-minute video of your brand or product featuring a voice over of video or photos.

Content includes, but is not limited to: specification overview of a fixture or series (spectrum, wattage draw, light output, functionality, etc) and/or a quickoverview of your company and what makes you different.

You are welcome to provide the content and/or script. Creativity is encouraged.

The overview is published on our YouTube channel and shared on oursocial media channels (FacebookInstagram).

Advantages of a brand or product introduction: brand and/or product exposure; ideal for new brands or products; increase sales.

Price: £77.83



LED Grow Light Giveaway

We will run an LED grow light or product giveaway for two weeks on our website. 

To enter, the participants can be asked to visit your product pages and social media pages/channels (some of these visits may include LED Grow Lights Depot's channels/pages).

You provide the product for the giveaway. You can also send one to LED Grow Lights Depot for an unboxing and review for an extra £398.78 (see above for details).

The contest will be announced on oursocial media channels (FacebookInstagram) several times over the few weeks. 

Here is a previous example of a giveaway: Scynce LED Dragon XL600 Giveaway.

Advantages of a giveaway: increases awareness of brand and product; gain social media followers; increase sales.

    Price: £37.71 (+ LED grow light for testing)



    Email and Social Media Blast

    Advertise on our social media channels (FacebookInstagram) or through our email list. You provide the content.

    On our email list, you may create a banner or copy with a link or several links. We can run the banner or copy continuouslyor for one email (£37.71 per email). We can also charge you per click (50 cents) instead of a flat fee.

      Advantages of email or social media blast: increases awareness of brand and product; gain social media followers; increase sales.

      Price: £37.71 (or 50 cents per link click)


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