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LED Grow Light Reviews

View real feedback of our LED grow lights from our customers:
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Best Light for the MONEY

The Roi-E680 is an awesome grow light. I have had the light for almost 2 months. I am using this light in a 4x4 tent. It is replacing a 600 watt HID light. At 60%, 8 to 12 inches it puts out 55,000 lumens. I also have the HLG 260 watt and the ROI runs cooler. If you are on the fence about this light, go ahead and purchase it. You will not be disappointed. I don't think I will ever run it at 100% unless I start to use CO2. Thanks again to Eric and LED Grow Lights Depot.


Nice build, doesn’t get very hot, and the plants are soaking it up.
Just ordered another one yesterday.
Last time it came in only 4days. Nice.


Nice product , very steady production from it ! Will only use optic for LED now !

Bright and Effecient

This light works great and added about £9.63 to my monthly electricity bill on an 18/6 schedule. In my opinion, the absolute smallest area this light should be used in is a 4x4 tent but I would consider using it to veg as much as an 8x8 area. You might need to up your nutrients to compensate for how powerful this light is.

Hands down best bang for your buck!!

I got this light when I just started and have since moved on to the fluence. However, i still use the sp everyday in my grow and it performs perfectly. If you 6 or 7 of these side x side. It would be exactly the same as the fluence. So its basically like getting a piece of the pie without buying the whole thing. If that helps...

Great bang for buck, pretty efficient

I pickup 2 of these lights for my 4ft x 8ft tent. Building the lights was straight forward and easy I felt. They are heavier than what I thought but definitely a quality unit.
I have them 4 stars because there are a few things I feel are overlooked.
1. They produce A LOT of heat for an LED light. I had to upgrade my intake/exhaust in my tent to keep up.
2. HLG should absolutely include a potentiometer with the light WITH WIRING INSTRUCTIONS! I looked everywhere for a wiring diagram and couldn't find one and eventually pauses the video on this page 45x to figure it out. (Picture included for others that may need it)
Overall this is an insanely bright light that is probably overkill for most but worth every penny!
(Also included power draw for 2x lights)

great service great ligjt

what fast service ordered late friday nite light delivered next thrusday and thanks mars hydro for a great light and listening to customers and extendong the driver cable thanks for everyyhing

Ladies are loving it

First complete grow underway and vegetation has been flawless. I can run the r-spec a little lower to the canopy and the plants seem to prefer this over the non rspec 260v2. They’re staying nice and green, with tight node spacing and a symmetrical canopy. Coming out of dark the plants just spring up almost immediately. I’m really excited to see this work in the flower phase.

The best yet!

I bought a pair of these to replace a pair of Advance Platinum 900's and 2 Viparspectra PAR700's most of the time. And using my light rails they have not only replaced all those but my first yield was 30% higher than its ever been and I even used the old ones for all of veg. I've only had them for 8 weeks but took a chance and swapped them out while in first weeks of flower and glad I did even against good advice. I've made my money back and did it in a couple months. I'm sure you will too. I've had great success with this pair and can't believe how far we've come with LED's in such a short time frame but my electric meter is finally getting a long deserved rest. No A/C was used and CO2 could be used better with less exhaust need. My Platinum 900's had 10 fans between the 2 of them alone. Buy them and smile all the way to the bank. I'm getting more now for my other room. Those Samsung Diodes are the shignizzel. 2 thumbs up guys!!!


First time using this product and it works great thank you


Ive been wanting one of these for a minute for a couple reason's. First,footprint of trash.Those scrubbers,once shot,what do you do with that big ol dusty can filled with charcoal?. Second,with cans,you hang or stand.The charcoal, will always settlle in one spot or another,leaving gap that straight unscrubbed air can go out. The AirBox,uses packed porous AVcharcoal,that will not settle in the filters anyway they sit.100% of the air intake,goes through charcoal filter' twice.Alls you do is replace the filters,they are a little bigger than ones used with some home airfilters.But not as close to how the airbox filters work,or are constructed.Best Scrubbers out, imo.Will be doing an Unboxing Video,before i install. .

Works great. Plants love it.

Nugsmasher Touch

The computer aspect of this devise is really unnecessary. The press is not big enough IMO, as I can barely make it too 800lbs without straining myself. I'm 6' 170lbs and it takes all my strength to press 800lbs. I recommend getting one with a compressor. Computer unnecessary.

Awesome machine ,but....

This little machine works great but because of the design the 2 air hoses keep the lid from sitting flat ,that causes 2 things so far ,some baskets touch the water some dont ,they all need to be level ,also feels like this lid is gonna warp a little

Great lights!

I got 2 of the hlg 320XL V2 Rspec for a 4x4, and couldn't be more pleased. They are well worth the money because they do as they claim! Flower density blows HPS/MH away, nevermind the vast reduction in heat. I keep mine 18-24 away and the plants love them. I would purchase from led grow lights depot again as customer service is impeccable. Thank you so much for these great lights, Erik, I might be replacing my veg pretty soon:)

Great service and delivery

Great service and speedy delivery
The 550 Light itself is a fantastic grow light with dimmable adjustment
Produces lush full flowers

Very intense

Really should have dimmer switches or offered so it would be more plug and play out of the box.

Great Light!

Picked up 2 lights ,Very bright! Assembly was easy after watching video. Can’t go wrong with HLG products & great service - Thanks Erik ( Led grow )

Has done a great job in 4x4 for flower, don't get them to close.


Shipping was great, LED panel works great BUT MarsHydro shouldn't have cut so many corners while trying to compete with Horticulture Lighting Group. The driver is sub par (dimmer you have to fish for it with a screwdriver).

But, for the price the LED does what it was intended to do. Even stays semi cool to the touch now that I have a server rack fan continuously blowing on it!

Quality Light

The optic 8 is a beast, I got 2 in my 4x8 tent & my plants love it. It doesn’t create much heat in the tent, it’s very quite, & the bloom enhancers are the perfect touch. You really can’t go wrong with this light, especially considering the lifetime warranty it now comes with.

Cannabis grow light

Great service and great lights. I like the adjustable dimmer.

Great tent

I love the tent


This light is phenomenal. Im using it in a tent in an outdoor non heated location and with the light on full power with the cold nights of 55 degrees it puts off the perfect amount of heat to keep a warm 75. The spectrum is perfect. Par levels and energy usage are top notch. Can't wait for the v3 models