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LED Grow Light Reviews

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Happy customer

I have two for my 4 x 4 tent and they work just fine. Really happy with my purchase!!

My tsw2000 is junk

The adjuster screws on both sides of my light are garbage, one broke the other has a load of gunk all over it preventing me from finding the screw.

One of the two lights came in good condition, however its been weeks now and the other one I'm still trying to jump through hoops to get fixed. 1 star due to slow customer service on mars' behalf.

Id recommend buying another light for 250 dollars because for 250 dollars I got a light that came used or broken and weeks later still in the same boat.

Super Bright

I have 2. 100 and a 65 Got a 100 and 65 with a platinum 450 over some Autos There Best I have grown doing very well Just started to flower Today For the money best light out there.

Very Happy

Lights work great, love how easy it was to set up. Also the control you have is just great. Great product, been running them for about 8 weeks.

Love the dimmer

Hell of a bloom enhancer

Great price great tent

Easy to set up. Took only myself unlike others you need help. Tent is great. The reflection is on par "no pun entended" very well built and sturdy. Id buy another if i had the room

Awesome light

Plants are in love with this light. I've used so far in veg and currently in flower stage. Plants seem to be thriving. Got it fairly quickly and easy its rtu.

Well Worth The Money!!

Had (2) Viparspectra 300W blurples in a 2'x4' tent. They got the job done well enough but put off a lot of heat while pulling about 4 amps from the wall. I've got the Horticulture Lighting Group 320 Watt XL V2 R-Spec Quantum Board DIY Kit giving off WAY more light with the lights set to 82%, pulling 2.38 amps from the wall, around 265 watts (33 watts/sf). My "flowers" look incredible under these, with the lights approximately 18" above the canopy. There is a little bit of heat but very manageable which is a great trade off for the intense light that you get. Highly recommend these over the cheaper "blurple" models imo.

A good product with A+ service

I bought 2 of these kits for a 5x5 tent. 1 kit had a bad driver in it. The bad driver was replaced promptly within 3 days and both are now up and shinning brightly. Will definitely purchase again from LEDgld and HLG ;- j


It took me awhile to decide on a new light. I made the right choice with these boards. They will not disappoint.

Great light!

Awesome light! However I don’t like that you have to solder on your own potentiometer. If you don't have any welding experience it can be hard to figure out how to do. It is an easy process however once you get it attached and running! Dims from about 100 watts to 620 out of my wall. Definitely started packing on some weight and getting bigger yields when I added this to my setup! Worth your money and having a payment plan/option makes this very convenient

Rebuke previous comment

Joe S you say Green Broz sorter is better wbat you stock in it or what? Green Broz sorter cost £11,644.92 and looks like it was built in someones backyard also

Beautiful Light

The sprouts seem to be reacting to the COB LEDs, I can’t wait to see the flowers under the full Optic 8 spectrum.

Good stuff

The light is great very bright and puts of a its fare share of heat but from the qboards them selfs not so much the heat sink light works great produces wonderfuly id recommend

Work great

Would buy again, work great so far

Great light would buy again

Lights work great, if you buy 2 have someone block the sensor for the remote while you set up the second, otherwise it will pick up both.

Buying all my light from led grow lights depot from here on out

I bought the HLG 550 v2 rspec and I couldn’t be happier with the light and the service. I plan on buying multiple lights from led grow lights depot in the near future. They respond to questions super fast too.

Large and roomy
Space for growth

Plants love this light!! I use it mainly for veg and is a really strong light that runs cool and efficient very easy to assemble and Erik has a really good instructional video on how to put it all together also customer service is second to none really recomend GROW LIGHTS DEPOT i am a returning customer i cant be any more content with their service thank you Erik

Outdoors to indoors

Fun hobby. Plants love it.

Good affordable light

Happy with this, and glad to see Mars stepping their game up. 3 of these in a 4x8 would kill it. Only problem was in the packaging, mine arrived damaged with one corner of the reflector bent. They have probably addressed the inferior packaging by now. Don’t hesitate.

Difference Maker

When you are ready to take your garden to the next level the HLG 550R has to be a consideration. Great coverage, canopy penetration etc. The dim feature is a nice addition and helps deliver the right amount of light for appropriate stage of growth!

Great light

Light has been excellent so far. I pre-ordered it and it still took 3 weeks, something about running out of 120 volt cords...blah blah blah..
i also ordered the el1 controller which is easy to set up and a nice piece. I just do not like the power supply has a flashing light on it when light is off...i covered it with black tape even though it was green....was like a strobe light in a dark tent

So far, so good

My plants are responding great with the G8-450 in my 3x3 tent. I have had it now for 3 months. Great light and service.

Great so far

Awesome light. Can’t complain, it’s bright and the temps are low. Can run on full and still touch the and. Love the dimmer built in. Nothing bad to say ! Led light depot was fairly easy to deal with! A+